Copywriting services Hollywood Florida JHigh Powered GraphicsCopywriter Services. Mr. Dariusz Konopka is a successful copywriter, search engine specialist, and social media expert that has been working professionally in the field of internet marketing for multiple years. He is a management professional who consistently delivers high quality results and cultivates positive client relationships through clear and helpful communication. His writing ability excels the highest standards of literacy and has launched multiple successful internet marketing projects as a result of his unequivocal excellence in copywriting. He also demonstrates in-depth knowledge of social media networking and social analytics tools knowledge.

Mr. Konopka is a driven social media specialist that is able to attract and interact with targeted social media communities, networks, and it’s user base. His goal is always to gradually achieve superior customer engagement and intimacy, increase website traffic and revenue by strategically exploiting all aspects of the social media marketing roadmap. Mr. Konopka’s proven command of the English langue and communication skills, upbeat attitude and ability to learn under tight deadlines would make him an effective addition to any team looking to improve their search engine visibility. Mr. Konopka has acquired years of administrative and management level experience in building productive and positive relationships with diverse customers. His experience as an internet marketing manager has allowed him to direct and coordinate internet marketing activities and policies to promote products and services. He has directed the hiring, training and performance evaluations for internet marketing staff and supervised their daily activities.

Mr. Konopka is proficient at preserving brand integrity by monitoring the consistency and quality of internet marketing content.

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