Social Media is the New Word of Mouth

Social Media marketing Florida broward dade county

Why should you hire a professional social media management company to handle your online presence in the ever changing Hollywood South Florida marketplace? Let me give you the insights of a person who is immersed in this world 24 hours a day, me! I can assure you one thing, the game has changed for word-of-mouth advertising. Today that most coveted marketing concept, is increasingly being driven by social media.

Here is a great youtube video packed with statistics.


Shares, likes and retweets are what today’s word of mouth advertising looks like.  Without these your local business can be left left out of these important online conversations. Small to medium business owners who value the power of recommendations from friends and a thumbs-up from loved ones cannot ignore social media any longer.

If there are two things that small business owners universally need more of, it’s time and money. With tight budgets usually at the forefront of small business owners’ minds, the initial reaction is usually that they’ll do it themselves. But before you start downloading Twitter and Facebook how-to guides, consider two things. Do you yourself (a) have the right personality to be a savvy social media manager and (b) have the time to take on the task?

Studies have shown that it takes a medium-sized business 32 hours a month to effectively manage one social media platform. Having a social media manager such as High Powered Graphics saves you, the business owner, time (your most valuable asset).  We take away the burden of having to log onto your computer and manage comments and updating content regularly on all platforms. We do all that for you leaving you more time to concentrate on other ways to market your business!

Also  just because your 15 year old niece has a Facebook account doesn’t mean she could (or should) create your own businesses fan page. Or just because you already have social media platforms in place, that doesn’t mean you are using them correctly. If you have a Facebook business fan page or Twitter account that gets updated once “every now and then” (when you find the time) … you’re in trouble. It actually looks worse for your business to have inactive pages than not having any at all. Also, you want them all integrated together so they are working for you, and not the other way around.


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