All of our brochures are custom designed from the initial conception phase to the final printing. We take pride in our work. We also take pride in having you present your customers with a well written visually glowing prospective of your company and services. Nothing can introduce your company to a prospective client better than  professionally printed bright and informative brochures.

Brochure Design South Florida

We either create, purchase or come your business and actually photograph the images used in our brochures. By providing you with your brochures content you do not have to worry about any copyright laws. High Powered Graphics guarantees you a well designed brochure and we promise you will keep coming back for more. Our goal is to have you as a customer for all your future¬†print design needs. We also work closely with our printing company and they will be happy to supply you with a free estimates on the numbers and quantities of ant material you wish to print. Our designs strive for perfection. Leon Cortez , our Creative Director has over 19 years in the Advertising/Graphics industry. He knows what works and what doesn’t. High Powered Graphics cares for your business and wants you to succeed.

Simply put, brochures balance features and details. In other words, brochures are the answer when you want to make a big impact in a concise way yet retain the ability to back up your claims with supporting evidence. This is a very broad definition, which is why different types of brochures are developed to handle specific tasks

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