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Web Design Hollywood Broward Fort Lauderdale Palm Beach FloridaWeb Design Services Miami Broward Palm Beach Florida. High Powered Graphics in Hollywood, Florida is your one-stop web design service and online marketing company dedicated to promote your business and get you properly placed in the search engines. Much of your choice of designers depends on whether you want to work locally with someone, or whether you are willing to work remotely with them over the phone. Here are some things to think and ask about when hiring a website designer:

  1. Pay attention to how much they ask you about YOUR BUSINESS. They should want to get to know you and your business intimately. How else can they design a site that reflects you, your brand, and your business, unless they spend time to get to know you?
  2. Look at sites they’ve designed to see if you like their style. Is there a certain feel to ALL their sites, or are they flexible in their designs?
  3. Ask them if they did the actual graphic and layout design of the site, or if they just did the programming.
  4. Do they have a structured, systematic planning process that leads you through the design phase, and if will they document all the discussions and decisions? If they have a Website Planning Guide that you’ll work through together, that’s really helpful.

• Graphic Design And Branding • Website Design And Development
• SEO Search Engine Optimization • Social Media Management

Web Design Network Website Ideas Media Information ConceptDo you already have a website that is outdated or performing poorly? Do you need a competent team to create and manage your blog, twitter or facebook marketing campaigns? Can Google adwords help your company? Do you need a new look, logo or branding for you business? If you are asking yourself these questions call us at:


At High Powered Graphics we have a perfect and affordable solution for promoting your small local business or marketing your large corporation to the world wide community.

High Powered Graphics specializes in small to medium business website design and can get your website up and running quickly and on budget. Local SEO campaigns can help a geographically based business rule the search engines. Is your business a success online because of your old website or in spite of it? If your site is more then a year old you need to revisit and run some tests to check performance. If your website over 2 years old it is outdated.

We don’t think of ourselves as just a web design company, and you shouldn’t either. We are a full service marketing and design firm. We specialize in getting you results, regardless of the medium

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